Ya Ha Tinda Ranch

In early September I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to visit the Ya Ha Tinda Ranch area for a couple of days. It’s a little of a bit of a drive to get there, mostly on gravel roads, but it really is a beautiful area. I wasn’t doing a specific hike here, so there’s no trail that I can really describe. Instead I’ll provide a lot of photos, the area was so awe striking it doesn’t justify a description!


If you carried on walking in this direction you’d eventually get back to Banff National Park


The scenery was truly amazing, it was like a little piece of prairie in the middle of the mountains


Hiking through lots of dense dwarf birch patches at times


There were still some snow patches on the ground after the early September snowfall


It was really amazing to see this little area of prairie surrounded by mountains


Some beautiful reflections of the mountains


It was nice to experience a really quiet area of the Rockies


Finding a good place to cross this creek was an interesting experience!


The trails that we did hike on were in really good shape


One of the few trails we actually hiked on – this one would have eventually led back into Banff National Park, but a long way from the Bow Valley!


Erie scorched trees


Interesting to see the process of succession after a fire


It was really great to get to hike all over the area


Will definitely have to come back and do some more exploring here at some point

Getting there does take a while but it really is worth it. I really recommend taking a good road map with you and a GPS would have been useful too. We took the wrong turn coming back and so ended up heading towards Sundre, as the roads looked pretty similar!

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19 responses to “Ya Ha Tinda Ranch

  1. Looks like a great place! I had not heard about this location before. Did you actually live at a ranch? Seems like this is somewhere north west of Calgary?

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    • It’s a ranch owned by Parks Canada for rearing horses, I helped with an elk pellet count there in September. Yes, it’s northwest of Calgary, and due west from Sundre. You can get there by taking Highway 40 north off Highway 1 at Morley, then it’s a couple of hours north from there until you cross over the Red Deer River where you turn left. Most of it’s on gravel roads so the driving was interesting!

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