Five Short Stops in the Lake Louise Area

If you’re planning on spending a day at in the Lake Louise area this summer there’s of lots of things to see, even if you don’t have time for a hike.

1. Lake Louise Shoreline


Hiking along the shoreline trail back towards Chateau Lake Louise after hiking to the Plain of Six Glaciers

If you want to get some photos of the iconic Lake Louise, it’s best to get here really early in the morning or in the evening as it does get very busy. If you have a little more time consider walking a little way along the shoreline trail on the north side of the lake.

2. Moraine Lake Shoreline


Moraine Lake even looks good on a cloudy day

Equally as with Lake Louise it gets busy here with tour groups, so an early start up to Moraine Lake and Lake Louise is a good idea. Another thing to note for Moraine Lake is the parking lot is much smaller than the one for Lake Louise so it fills up quickly.

3. Takakkaw Falls


Takakkaw Falls is definitely worth the drive up the Yoho Valley Road

Takakkaw Falls in Yoho National Park is only a short drive from Lake Louise (20 minutes or so) and is really worth a visit. The road to Takakkaw Falls is marked off the Trans-Canada Highway, there are a couple of tight switchbacks on this so take note of the signs if you’re in a camper or are towing a trailer. Once you reach the parking lot for the falls follow the short trail across the bridge to the base of the falls where you’ll get a great view of them.

4. Natural Bridge and Emerald Lake


The Kicking Horse River flowing under the Natural Bridge

Whilst you’re in Yoho National Park, you may as well visit another couple of great photo opportunities. From Takakkaw Falls follow the road back down to the Trans-Canada and carry on westwards until you see the signs for Emerald Lake. The Natural Bridge is on the left hand side of the road as you’re heading towards Emerald Lake and has a small parking lot. To get the best photos of the Natural Bridge follow the short trail and cross over the bridge.


Emerald Lake seen from near Yoho Pass

Carry on up the road from the Natural Bridge and you’ll reach Emerald Lake. Unfortunately I don’t have any good photos of the lake – the last time I was there I went canoeing so didn’t bring my camera, instead the picture above is of Emerald Lake from a Parks Canada guided hike to the Walcott Quarry I did last year.

5. Lake Louise Sightseeing Gondola


View towards Lake Louise and Mount Victoria seen from the Lake Louise Sightseeing Gondola


Mount Temple with the Valley of the Ten Peaks just behind

If you’ve been to Lake Louise and Moraine Lake, it’s a nice idea to put the whole thing into perspective. Head up to the Lake Louise Ski Area, and take their sightseeing chairlift/gondola (it’s a mix of chairs and gondolas on the same lift) up to Whitehorn Lodge. Here you’ll get a good view of Lake Louise, Mount Temple and over towards the Valley of the Ten Peaks. There’s a deck just down from the top of the lift which has interpretive panels showing the names of the mountains you can see.

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  1. We’ve done all except the gondola. We had one memorable early season walk at Emerald Lake that resulted in a close encounter with a bear….. I should have told my husband about the prints in the snow but i didn’t want to panic him …….it was the wrong decision in hindsight but all turned out okay in the end.

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