Vermilion Lakes


Vermilion Lakes seen from Cory Pass Loop

In another post I mentioned five top photography spots within walking distance of the Town of Banff. I wanted to include the Vermilion Lakes in this, but they’re so beautiful I thought they deserved a post all to themselves!


Mount Rundle seen across the lakes on an early September morning

The Vermilion Lakes in Banff National Park offer some great views, especially early in the morning when you can get a great reflection of Mount Rundle on the lakes. Because of the wetlands it’s a good spot for birdwatching, so don’t forget to take your binoculars!


Part of the Sundance Range of Mountains

The best spot for viewing the lakes from is along the Vermilion Lakes Road just before the western exit onto the Trans-Canada from Banff town.


Another early morning view of Mount Rundle

Whilst you can drive there from town, it’s also possible to cycle there by taking the legacy trail from town – I really enjoy cycling there as it’s much easier to stop along the way to take photos than if you’re going there by car. Another option is to walk there by taking the Fenland Trail and then walking along the roadside of the Vermilion Lakes Road (The Town of Banff website has a good one showing all the trails around the town).

One of the docks along the way

One of the docks along the way, Sulphur Mountain in the background

One of the great things about the Vermilion Lakes road is that there are benches and docks along the way, which make great stopping points. It would be easy to spend an afternoon here just enjoying a picnic and taking in the views.


Mount Rundle on the right, Tunnel Mountain to the left (the much shorter one!)

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