Lake Louise Shoreline – Winter


The ice-free creek leaving the lake

Lake Louise offers year-round stunning scenery. The walk along the shoreline is great way to take in some of these views, and I think it’s particularly special in winter.


Along the snowy shoreline trail

It’s nice to experience the area without so many crowds as you can get in summer, and with the lake being frozen over it is a completely different experience.


Mount Fairview

Whilst you could stop just at the clearing at the front of the lake by the Chateau Lake Louise Hotel, if you can stand the cold, it’s nice to walk along the shoreline trail a little way.


Mount Victoria and the Victoria Glacier

It’s the same way you’d go if you were headed to the Plain of Six Glaciers in summer. If you walked along the shoreline trail on an early morning in the summer you’d likely get a nice reflection of the mountains, in winter you just get the snow on the frozen lake.


Looking back to the ski hill and Chateau Lake Louise

I didn’t hike all the way to the back of the lake, as I was running short on time. Instead I hiked about halfway along the trail and then turned back.


On the return


The snow on the trail was well compacted, so no need for snow shoes on that day!


Another view of Mount Fairview


The Lake Louise boathouse


The Big Beehive, with Mt Whyte, Mt Niblock and Mt St Piran behind

If you’re keen on doing another activity, there’s also ice skating on the lake. You can hire ice skates from inside the hotel to use on the rinks which are cleared on the lake.


One more view of Mount Fairview

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  1. Wonderful pictures. We had talked about going to Louise just last weekend but it was dark and late when we were in the area. It is a nice spot when not packed with people.

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