Wapta Mountain

imageI was really kindly invited by Laura Cooper’s New England Photo Blog to take part in a five day black and white photo challenge.

The fourth photograph from my challenge is of Wapta Mountain in Yoho National Park where I did a guided hike to the Burgess Shale at the Walcott Quarry. It was a really great hike and incredibly interesting learning about the fossils that had been discovered there. It was also a very wet day, with quite a bit of cloud, so when the cloud lifted I was quick to get out my camera and take a photo of Wapta Mountain.

As part of the challenge you nominate a blogger friend each day to join in and take part. So today I nominate The Migrant Expats and their awesome travel and adventure blog.

The only rules of the challenge are:

1. On five consecutive days, create a post using a recent or past photograph in black and white.

2. Invite another blogging friend each day to join in the challenge.

I hope you enjoy the photos!


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