Parker Ridge – Jasper National Park

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Picture5 Saskatchewan Glacier

Parker Ridge, south of the Icefields Centre in Jasper National Park is an excellent hike. It doesn’t take too long to reach the top of the ridge and there’s an fascinating view of the Saskatchewan Glacier.

Picture10 Icefields Parkway

The trail starts at the edge of the parking lot, just off the side of the Icefields Parkway. It switchbacks through subalpine forest until you get into the alpine. When I did this hike it was pretty early in the morning and there was frost on the ground which made satisfying crunching sounds underfoot.

Picture9 Hiking out of the tree line

The views from the hike are excellent. Even early on the views are pretty good as the trees are shorter than on other hikes as you’re already in the subalpine.

Picture6When you’re out of the forest there are still a couple more swtichbacks before you get to the crest of…

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4 responses to “Parker Ridge – Jasper National Park

  1. I feel like 90% of the blogs I follow are discussing Jasper today (probably thanks to the A to Z Challenge) – it makes me want to get out and hike! Somehow, I don’t think taking a dog on one here in Wisconsin later today will entail so many amazing views, though.

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