Kayaking on the Bow

Canada August-September 2012 020

The Bow River in Banff is great for canoeing or kayaking on. It is only a short walk from downtown Banff to the canoe dock where you’ll be able to hire boats from the canoe docks. I hired a kayak from there a couple of years ago and spent the afternoon on the Bow River.

Canada August-September 2012 023

Mount Norquay to the left

You can paddle upstream towards the Vermilion Lakes, if you went downstream towards the Banff Avenue Bridge you might regret is slightly…as you’d be heading towards Bow Falls!

Canada August-September 2012 022

Cascade Mountain

Canada August-September 2012 011

Not the best photo of a elk I’ve taken!

It’s a good way to take in the views and there’s potential to see some wildlife. I saw a couple of elk and there were lots of waterfowl to be seen. Unfortunately my photographs of the elk aren’t the best. It was quite windy so my kayak was wobbling about a fair bit and I was a little worried about loosing my camera to the river!

Canada August-September 2012 015

Tunnel Mountain

Canada August-September 2012 009

Logs along the banks

There were quite a few submerged logs and tree limbs towards the banks so it’s good to keep an eye out just in case of catching your boat on one.

Canada August-September 2012 006

Sulphur Mountain

Canada August-September 2012 005

Mount Norquay

If you’re looking for a good alternative to a hike, and an activity that is close to town to do, it is a great way to spend the afternoon.

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24 responses to “Kayaking on the Bow

  1. We have been thinking about kayaking or canoeing around Banff for a while, now I want to do it even more:) Have you tried kayaking down the Bow from Lake Louise to Banff? I’ve seen kayakers there but wonder if they go with a company?

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    • I haven’t yet, but it’s something I’d love to do. I think the Bow Waters Canoe Club or the Calgary Outdoors Club might do it, but I’m not so sure. I’ll think I will have a look into doing it! 🙂

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