Five Top Summits of 2014

Mt Temple

Mount Temple – stop staring at me! Hopefully I’ll get to the top this year!

Here are five of my favourite scrambles/summits I made in 2014. Most of these have a scrambling sort of element to them, so if you’re thinking of doing them you need to be prepared!

1. Mount St Piran


The view south from Mount St Piran

This is a great summit at Lake Louise. It follows the same route as the one heading to Lake Agnes, but instead of heading to the lake you take a turning off to the Little Beehive.

2. Sulphur Skyline


Such a beautiful place to hike

A summit and a soak, what could be better? Sulphur Skyline in Jasper National Park offers spectacular views. One of my favourite things about this hike is that you don’t see any roads from the top.

3. Paget Peak

Paget Summit

On the top of Paget Peak

A great scramble in Yoho National Park. If you’re not so keen to get to the top of the mountain, just reaching the fire lookout is a great alternative – the views are incredible!

4. Mount Fairview


One of the most fantastic views I saw last year

If you’re looking for superb views of the Lake Louise Area, the views from the top of Mount Fairview are unbeatable – I guess it’s in the name!

5. Cascade Mountain


The view from just below the top of Cascade Mountain

This is a really demanding but very rewarding hike. You’ll only want to do it in good weather – not only would it be dangerous, but you also wouldn’t be able to appreciate the views from the summit.

So what’s for 2015?

  • Castle Mountain – I got part way up to the top last year, but I’d really like to get to the top!
  • Mount Rundle – again a partial summit, so this will need to be achieved.
  • Mount Temple – it’s always staring at me when I ski at Lake Louise, I hope this is the year that I get to the top!
  • Mount Yamnuska – I’m hoping to do this early summer.

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