Floe Lake and Numa Pass

Something for the weekend…


Picture12 Floe Lake

I did this hike in early October 2014. I couldn’t quite make up my mind whether to do this hike or to visit Lussier Hotsprings in White Swan Provincial Park, however the weather was good so I couldn’t justify spending so much time in the car driving all the way to Lussier Hotsprings.

Picture17 The Kootenay River

I pulled into the parking lot for Floe Lake and there were only two other cars, so I knew that the trail up to Floe Lake probably wouldn’t be very busy. In fact I saw only four other people the entire time. From the trailhead at the parking lot you head to a small bridge over the Kootenay River, before following the trail through dense new growth forest. When I did this hike last October there were a number of burnt trees which had fallen over the trail, though these were relatively…

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