Lake Louise Bike Ride

On the way to Lake Louise

On the way to Lake Louise

A couple of weekends ago I went on a bike ride from Banff. I meant just to cycle to Castle Junction along the Bow Valley Parkway…but went a little bit further than I meant to.

I started off near the Banff Springs Hotel, and made my way over the Bow River via the new pedestrian bridge. Then I followed the riverside trail beside the Bow River and through Central Park to join up with the trail that heads out to the Vermillion Lakes.

It was at the Vermillion Lakes I realised I hadn’t switched my GoPro on, so the photos begin from here!

On the Vermillion Lakes Road

On the Vermillion Lakes Road

Being a nice sunny day, the views out over the lakes were incredible, even though I only glanced a view as I cycled on past.


Still on the Vermillion Lakes Road

Leaving the Vermillion Lakes Road, I joined onto the Legacy Trail which connects the Vermillion Lakes Road to the Bow Valley Parkway. There are a couple of gates that you go through on this part of the trail as you’re inside of the fenced area of the Trans-Canada Highway for a short section.


About to cross through a gate into the fenced area of the Trans-Canada Highway


On the Legacy Trail beside the Trans-Canada Highway

Once you’re clear of the gates you’ll join onto the Bow Valley Parkway. From here to the Lake Louise junction of the Bow Valley Parkway the scenery is stunning. The road undulates along the valley side and slowly gains elevation the closer you get towards Lake Louise.

Joining the Bow Valley Parkway

Joining the Bow Valley Parkway


Past the Sawback Range area of burnt forest


Along the way


On a descent

It was a little busy when I cycled past Johnston Canyon, but being the weekend I guess it was kind of unavoidable.


Approaching Johnston Canyon


Past Johnston Canyon

I passed Castle Junction taking in the impressive views of Castle Mountain soaring above.


Past Castle Junction


The last photo before my GoPro ran out of battery

Shortly after this, my GoPro ran out of battery, so I don’t have any photos of the return. But to show proof of getting to the Lake Louise Junction I had my phone handy so got a couple of photos before getting back on my bike and heading back to Banff.


Arriving at the Lake Louise end of the Bow Valley Parkway


The Bow Valley Parkway

At the time, I was regretting having cycled quite so far, but now I’m pleased I did.

The total return distance of my bike ride was approximately 118km (roughly 73 miles).

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10 responses to “Lake Louise Bike Ride

  1. Holy smokes!!!! 118km, amazing!!!! I love the Banff area – traveling these last 4 months through Latin America has reminded me that Canada is truly the most beautiful country in the world! Hope you didn’t get any ticks, tis the season in those parts!

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    • Hi Derek,
      Good to hear from you! Thank you, that must really exciting to have the Tour de France come past right by your place. I went to a presentation last week on non-native fish species (rainbow, brook and brown trout) that had been introduced for sport in some of the lakes and rivers (in the 1920s) and it made me think of you! You’ll have to come over and show me how to fly fish again! – Rob


  2. I have a funny story about that Johnston Canyon photo. That speed limit sign? We were on that road, and it is similar to many in Michigan, when you are in the trees. Our rural roads are 55 mph. So I was tooling down that road with very little traffic on it at 50 mph and BINGO….I got pulled over. There is quite a difference in kph and mph! Yikes!


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