C Level Cirque


C-Level Cirque

I hadn’t done this hike before, but a couple of days ago I was fortunate enough to be able to do this hike.

From the trailhead at the parking lot you climb through montane forest and up into the subalpine. Being spring there were a lot of flowers opening out, and the first floor was scattered with different colours.


Through the forest

Following along the trail you pass by old mine workings, and remnants of buildings to do with the mines that once operated at Cascade Mountain.


Views through the trees

You get glimpsing views of the surrounding area almost all the way up to the cirque, which is a glacially eroded bowl on the side of Cascade Mountain.

We had lunch in the forest just below the treeline and then went up to the cirque. The views were amazing, as the weather was so clear.


On the way up to the cirque


Still some patches of snow last week


C-Level Cirque


The view on the way back down

Unfortunately I didn’t take my camera with me as I had a very heavy rucksack already. Luckily I had my iPhone with me, so there are still some photos to show for it!

In all the total return distance is approximately 8km (roughly 5 miles) with an elevation gain of 455 metres (1500 feet).

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9 responses to “C Level Cirque

  1. Looks like a nice day hike, and not too hard which is great for early season hiking before those legs are used to climbing:) Lovely views over Bow Valley!

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  2. You must either be very healthy…or very tired! Lol Thanks for sharing more lovely photos, and don’t ever take your health and freedom for granted! 🙂

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