Stewart Canyon

Last week I had just the opportunity to visit Stewart Canyon at Lake Minnewanka. I didn’t have time to do the entire hike, and the weather wasn’t the best. However, the scenery there was beautiful and there were hardly any people about.

You follow along the shoreline of Lake Minnewanka for a little while and then head a little way into the forest along the edge of Stewart Canyon, until you reach an old wooden bridge.

Crossing this bridge you turn left and follow along the trail which weaves in between the trees at the edge of the canyon.


The view across the bridge


Looking towards Lake Minnewanka from the bridge


Looking up Stewart Canyon


Into the woods along the canyon edge


Looking down into the canyon


The furthest point I went along the trail


The view from the bridge on the way back

I only went as far as where a creek crosses the trail, as I didn’t have enough time to go further.

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