Climbing at Wasootch Slabs


The weather was actually better than this photo lets on!

The first day of my outdoor rock climbing course with Yamnuska Mountain Adventures was at Yamnuska Bluffs. The second was spent at Wasootch Slabs in Kananaskis Country. Of the two days, I enjoyed this the most – when I climb indoors I prefer slabs to overhangs, so naturally climbing slabs outdoors was more fun.


The dry riverbed

Wasootch Slabs are about 18 km south of the Trans-Canada Highway on the Kananaskis Trail, just north of the Nakiska Ski Area. We got there early so there was plenty of space in the parking lot. From there it’s a very short walk, about five minutes along a riverbed to the slabs. There are a number to choose from, though as it was a weekend it did start to get a little busier as the day progressed.


Looking up at one of the slabs

It was fairly cold for a good part of the day, as the slabs were in the shade at the start and it took a little while to warm up.


Great choice in routes

We got to climb for most of the day, as well as being shown how to clean up anchors after top roping and practising rappelling.


Another fun route

The area around the slabs was really beautiful, and it was nice that the area was quiet. A couple of days before I’d been hiking to the Plain of Six Glaciers and Lake Agnes at Lake Louise and being here was such a contrast to the busy shoreline of Lake Louise.


Such an awesome day!

I was so pleased to have finally rock climbed outdoors, having been ice climbing before, it was nice to experience climbing outdoors when the weather was a little warmer!


On my last climb of the day

Unfortunately these two days were my first and last days out climbing outdoors for 2014, but this year I’m aiming to do a lot more.


On the way back down the riverbed to the parking lot

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