10 Huts and Cabins in the Canadian Rockies

Something for the weekend!


Through my hikes I’ve seen a few incredible buildings. Here a sort of ‘top ten’ that I’ve seen over the past few years in the Canadian Rockies:

1. Skoki Cabin

Skoki Cabin

Here’s one of the guest cabins at Skoki Lodge. I loved hiking to Skoki this summer, and I’m definitely going to try and head back there this winter. The hike to the lodge is fantastic and there are so many great vantage points for photographs along the way.

2. Floe Lake Warden Cabin

Floe Lake Warden Cabin

An awesome warden cabin by Floe Lake in Kootenay National Park, BC. It was a great place to stop and eat lunch on the cabin’s porch before I headed up to Numa Pass.

Floe Lake Warden Cabin Front

Here’s a front view of the Floe Lake cabin to give a bit more detail.

3. Paget Lookout

Back at the lookout

I mentioned Paget Fire Lookout in a previous post, but it’s such a cool hike to…

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