Making Skis – Part 2


Just before the skis came out of the form

Continuing on from Making Skis – Part 1


Out of the form

I left the skis to dry in place for a couple of days. Once I was happy that they had dried sufficiently, I removed the bar holding them in place.


The first batch – they didn’t work quite so well!


A close up of the first batch


The second batch – much better this time!

Before I took this set of photos I did a trial run – three out of four of the skis broke! So I bought some new timber and made this set – this time they worked much better. Luckily this meant I had five skis in total, so I could use one as a template for cutting out the tip of the ski.


Marking out the firs tip


Cutting out the first tip with a coping saw

So I drew out the shape of the tip and then cut it out roughly using a coping saw.


The rough cut out of the tip


Ready for sanding

Once I had the rough shape of the tip cut out, I then used a belt sander to bring the edges smooth to the pencil outline.

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